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The Ganders were an unexpected treat. Good old fashioned (and I mean that in a positive way) blues rock that wouldn't have been out of place on The Old Grey Whistle Test next to Rod and The Faces.


The Hearing Aid Review - Flapper, Birmingham



The Ganders...a 3-piece of rock and roll history and part of its future if there is any justice. A 30 minute set of some of the best delivered blues / rock I have ever heard. Tight, talented, original and varied within their sometimes restricted genre they played with feeling where needed and venom where justified.


Live Review at the Sound Bar, Musoplex



"Every time I listen to these dudes I find myself transported to a gin shop during prohibition, I feel dirty and know it’s wrong…but I love it. Sleazy, powerful, bluesy Rock, with loads of attitude and really reallllly strong vocals. Good work!"


Alex Baker Kerrang! Radio



First up The Ganders. This Brummie 3 piece, with strong blues influences, took to the stage with a high octane set which rocked from beginning to end. They kicked off the powerful half hour with 'Slipping In' and continued to rock it throughout. 'Black Sun' most definitely being the stand out tune


Bar Academy - Zak Edwards Birmingham Live!



Born Music


The Ganders – Slippin’ In EP                                   Published on June 10th, 2013 | by Andy Ward


First and foremost – and unlike most politicians – I will declare an interest here. I have known The Ganders for a few years and have done some support work with them. Either way – I know a bloody good band when I see and hear one.


Darren, Dan and Paul hail from Birmingham and Tamworth and are stalwarts of the live scene in both. They have also just signed to Plastic Pop – a new label primarily set up to promote blues-rock and mod music – and they are finally expanding out of the area with gigs in Essex and Camden later in the year – but if you want something local they are also at the Sunflower Lounge in Brum on Fri 12th July and for them a more or less local gig in Dudley at the Courthouse on Fri 26th July.


Right – gig promotion and declaration over – what about the EP? It is a follow-up to their excellent Hurricane EP of some 18 months ago and it offers three tracks of fierce and dirty RnB and a touch of the psychadelic with raw saw-tooth edges. So none of that Beyonce RnB nonsense, this is back from the day when RnB meant Zep and Feelgood and was all the better for it.


The EP opens up with Slippin’ In – and immediately you get the feel of their live set – this is not a production job that has been overpolished and had all the life squeezed out of it but it is clean and bright and it snaps and snarls and represents the band extremely well. There are no multilayered guitars or endless overdubs cluttering up the mix here – just bare boned unadulterated noise. However, Slippin’ In also sees their first foray into hammond style organ and it complements their edgy sound extremely well.


Track 2, Dirty Soul, is a sleazy bluesy affair that drops the tempo, sets bass to fuzz and tinkers a little on production without overdoing it. Syncopated vocal drop ins and winding guitar and a more classic blues bass riff make for another excellent track.


No sooner has Dirty Sould finished closing track Feeling kicks in and we are back to the fast and furious – big bass riffin and open for production stabs and there’s some clever short stops and stabs to break up what can be a repetitive genre.


I am already a big fan of The Ganders – the last EP was superb and this one is just as noisy and heartfelt. They are a tour de force when playing live and definitely deserve another step up the ladder.

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